2022 journal article

Strategies for building diverse tourism advocates

Tourism Management Perspectives, 42, 100967.

By: H. Post, W. Knollenberg n, A. Schroaeer, E. Seekamp n & J. Freeze

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: July 15, 2022

Informed by co-management theory this study revealed strategies destination marketing organizations can utilize to develop and engage a diverse set of advocates. Interviews were conducted with 31 destination stakeholders to measure their level of understanding of tourism's role in economic development, value in the community, and their intention to advocate for tourism. Strategies for stakeholder development revealed in this study indicate destination marketing organizations need to expand partnerships throughout the community, improve and personalize communication strategies with advocates, tell a more nuanced story showcasing how tourism contributes to residents' quality of life, and specify advocacy asks with actionable information for tourism advocates. By implementing these strategies destination marketing organizations can educate and empower a diverse set of advocates to limit negative policy impacts on the tourism industry.