2021 article

A Load Switching Group based Feeder-level Microgrid Energy Management Algorithm for Service Restoration in Power Distribution System


By: R. Hu n, Y. Li n, S. Zhang n, A. Shirsat n, V. Muthukaruppan n, W. Tang n, M. Baran n, D. Lubkeman n, N. Lu

author keywords: distributed energy resource; energy management; microgrid; power distribution system; service restoration
Source: Web Of Science
Added: July 26, 2022

This paper presents a load switching group based energy management system (LSG-EMS) for operating microgrids on a distribution feeder powered by one or multiple grid-forming distributed energy resources. Loads on a distribution feeder are divided into load switching groups that can be remotely switched on and off. The LSG-EMS algorithm, formulated as a mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) problem, has an objective function of maximizing the served loads while minimizing the total number of switching actions. A new set of topology constraints are developed for allowing multiple microgrids to be formed on the feeder and selecting the optimal supply path. Customer comfort is accounted for by maximizing the supply duration in the customer preferred service period and enforcing a minimum service duration. The proposed method is demonstrated on a modified IEEE 33-bus system using actual customer data. Simulation results show that the LSG-EMS successfully coordinates multiple grid-forming sources by selecting an optimal supply topology that maximizes the supply period of both the critical and noncritical loads while minimizing customer service interruptions in the service restoration process.