2022 journal article

Enhancing Inference on Physiological and Kinematic Periodic Signals via Phase-Based Interpretability and Multi-Task Learning


By: R. Soleimani n & E. Lobaton n‚ÄČ

author keywords: multi-task learning; interpretability; synthetic signal generation; physiological signals; periodic signals; ECG; IMU; deep learning; forecasting; classification
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 8, 2022

Physiological and kinematic signals from humans are often used for monitoring health. Several processes of interest (e.g., cardiac and respiratory processes, and locomotion) demonstrate periodicity. Training models for inference on these signals (e.g., detection of anomalies, and extraction of biomarkers) require large amounts of data to capture their variability, which are not readily available. This hinders the performance of complex inference models. In this work, we introduce a methodology for improving inference on such signals by incorporating phase-based interpretability and other inference tasks into a multi-task framework applied to a generative model. For this purpose, we utilize phase information as a regularization term and as an input to the model and introduce an interpretable unit in a neural network, which imposes an interpretable structure on the model. This imposition helps us in the smooth generation of periodic signals that can aid in data augmentation tasks. We demonstrate the impact of our framework on improving the overall inference performance on ECG signals and inertial signals from gait locomotion.