2022 journal article

Micropatterning of Electrochemiluminescent Polymers based on Multipolar Ru-Complexes Two-Photon Initiators.

Chemical Communications.

By: R. Mhanna*, N. Durand*, P. Savel*, H. Akdas-Kilig*, S. Abdallah*, D. Versace*, O. Soppera*, J. Fillaut*, N. Sojic*, J. Malval*

co-author countries: France 🇫🇷 Türkiye 🇹🇷

Contributors: N. Durand*

Source: ORCID
Added: August 12, 2022

A highly two-photon active multipolar Ru-complex is used as a reactive photoinitiator for the direct integration and microstructuration of ECL-active materials on electroactive substrates.