2019 journal article

Electromechanical modelling of a bistable plate with Macro Fiber Composites under nonlinear vibrations

Journal of Sound and Vibration, 446, 326–342.

By: A. Lee*  & D. Inman *

co-author countries: United States of America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Contributors: A. Lee*  & D. Inman *

author keywords: Bistable plate; Nonlinear dynamics; Energy harvesting; Electromechanical model; Macro fiber composite
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Added: August 17, 2022

Vibrational broadband energy harvesting has been the most focused application of bistable composite plates paired with piezoelectric materials due to their wide array of nonlinear responses at low frequencies. Various cross-well behaviors between the two potential wells allow large amplitudes and broadband characteristics favorable for generating ample power even away from resonance. With most past works being experimental, there are limitations in the available literature for validated model predictions of the electromechanical response resulting from cross-well dynamics under harmonic excitation. This paper presents the formulation, implementation, and experimental validation of the nonlinear analytical model for the rectangular piezoelectrically generated bistable laminate with a fixed center consisting of Macro Fiber Composites (MFC) in a cross-ply layup. The full range of nonlinear responses observed in tests are predicted by the simulated electromechanical equations of motion such as intermittency, limit cycle, chaotic, and subharmonic oscillations. These responses and the corresponding voltage and power outputs are investigated for a range of excitation parameters using both time and frequency domain analysis, and they show good agreement with experimental results.