2022 article

(Re)introducing a New Section Generally and a Special Section in This Issue Specifically: GOMusings

Cruz, K. S., Zagenczyk, T. J., & Griep, Y. J. L. (2022, August 22). GROUP & ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT.

Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 6, 2022

GOMusings were born of the first and second authors complain-, um, let’s say “discussing” for now (sounds more “academic,” right?), various aspects of management research and the publication process over the course of about a decade. These discussions often took the form of rants, and in some cases, it seemed like we might actually have had a point. As time passed and we became members of the GOM editorial team in various capacities, it occurred to us that (1) other people probably have similar discussions and (hopefully) more and better ideas; (2) we needed to come up with some ways to distinguish GOM from other journals; (3) we needed to get new, well-informed, and interesting ideas into the literature; and (4) that (2) and (3) might not happen through the typical article format. So, we came up with the idea of GOMusings because it seems to address 1-4. GOMusings are expected to be well-informed rants related to management research and/or the publication process that are written in the author’s voice rather than your typical academese (emphasis on well-informed and management–we do not want to hear about your department chair, although we’re sure that s/he is a jerk and it’s not just your hostile attribution bias – kidding (or maybe not?)!). Yannick Griep, moving into the Editor-in-Chief role next, thinks that it is a good idea to continue this section, at least until he learns how all of this could go wrong. So very, very wrong. Although Cruz (2021) devoted nearly an entire paragraph and Zagencyk (2021) devoted several complete sentences to introducing this new section (can you sense the sarcasm?), we think that now is an excellent time to (re) introduce it since quite a few GOMusings have made it through the