2022 article

High performance dual-electrolyte magnesium-iodine batteries that can harmlessly resorb in the environment or in the body

Huang, I., Zhang, Y., Arafa, H. M., Li, S., Vazquez-Guardado, A., Ouyang, W., … Rogers, J. A. (2022, September 5). ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE.

By: I. Huang*, Y. Zhang*, H. Arafa*, S. Li*, A. Vazquez-Guardado*, W. Ouyang*, F. Liu*, S. Madhvapathy* ...

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Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 12, 2022

High-performance eco- and bio-resorbable magnesium–iodine batteries with >1.8 V output power cardiac pacemakers, wireless environmental monitors, thermal sensors, microcontrollers, and Bluetooth systems.