2022 journal article

Extending Uplink Coverage of mmWave and Terahertz Systems Through Joint Phase-Time Arrays

IEEE ACCESS, 10, 88872–88884.

By: A. Alammouri*, J. Mo*, V. Ratnam*, B. Ng*, R. Heath, J. Lee*, J. Zhang*

author keywords: True time delay; 5G; 6G; millimeter wave; terahertz; sub-terahertz
Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 12, 2022

In this paper, we establish the potential of joint phase-time arrays (JPTAs) for uplink coverage extension in cellular systems. JPTA allows the base station (BS) to create frequency-dependent wide-beams without sacrificing the array gain. In this work, we propose a novel use case of JPTA where the BS exploits the frequency-dependent beams to serve multiple users’ equipment (UEs) at different directions simultaneously with the full array gain and with no inter-UE interference. This is achieved by assigning each UE a corresponding bundle of sub-carriers that benefit from the full array-gain. A key feature of this scheme is the prolonged channel access for uplink communication for each user, due to the BS’s ability to serve multiple UEs at the same time. We focus on two performance metrics: uplink coverage and uplink throughput. Our results show that using JPTA can extend the uplink coverage range by 3× while boosting the uplink throughput by providing more flexibility for the BS in resource allocation. These results are based on both theoretical analysis and 3GPP spec-compliant simulations with a sub-terahertz transceiver prototype.