2022 journal article

Breast Geometry Characterization of Young American Females Using 3D Image Analysis


By: M. Suh‚ÄČ & J. Park

author keywords: body scan; 3D image analysis; breast shapes; breast geometry; young American females
Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 19, 2022

The current research deals with the characterization of breast geometries in young American populations. Breast measurements using 3D image analysis tools are focused on spatial assessments, such as quadrant evaluations of angle, surface area, and volume, together with traditional linear measurements. Through the statistical analysis, different types of breast shapes and placements are clustered, and characteristic breast anthropometry was identified for each cluster. The research findings indicate that there are four shape clusters and three placement clusters. Among the American females aged 26 to 35, four different breast shapes are identified: droopy breasts (31%), small/flat breasts (19%), upward breasts (24%), and large/inward breasts (26%). Taking 36%, 44%, and 20% of the population, respectively, their breast placement characteristics are either high, medium, or low/open. Breast shapes and placement are highly associated with each other. Larger breasts are located relatively lower, while most smaller/flat breasts are positioned relatively high.