2022 journal article

A people's history of leisure studies: Colonial pedagogies, touring empires


By: R. Mowatt

author keywords: An ABC for Baby Patriots; Thomas Cook & Son; Colonialism; Decolonization; Post-colonial theory; Imperialism
Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 19, 2022

The colonial history and realities have not only impacted the peoples of the world, but also the very geography in which we inhabit. The imprint of the British Empire is one that has had the most lasting imprint of all other Empires. This is where cultural artifacts and historical objects play a role. As a cultural studies situated essay, this discussion considers the function of An ABC for Baby Patriots and the activities of Thomas Cook & Son agency in their role of aiding and perpetuating imperialism. In our contemporary period of accurate and inaccurate calls for decolonization, objects of colonialism have become important objects of evidence to the ubiquity of brutality of the entire endeavor of colonialism. • Conceptualizing the viscerality of living for (de)coloniality discussions • Historical colonial objects to create an informed understanding • A critique of contemporary understandings of decolonization • Presenting a politically Third World anti-colonial understanding of decolonization • Criticism of tourism as twin to settler colonialism that maintains colonial order