2021 journal article

Particle dynamics in two-dimensional point-loaded granular media composed of circular or pentagonal grains

EPJ Web of Conferences, 249, 06010.

Ed(s): M. Aguirre, S. Luding, L. Pugnaloni & R. Soto

Source: Crossref
Added: September 21, 2022

Granular packings exhibit significant changes in rheological and structural properties when the rotational symmetry of spherical or circular particles is broken. Here, we report on experiments exploring the differences in dynamics of a grain-scale intruder driven through a packing of either disks or pentagons, where the presence of edges and vertices on grains introduces the possibility of rotational constraints at edge-edge contacts. We observe that the intruder’s stick-slip dynamics are comparable between the disk packing near the frictional jamming fraction and the pentagonal packing at significantly lower packing fractions. We connect this stark contrast in packing fraction with the average speed and rotation fields of grains during slip events, finding that rotation of pentagons is limited and the flow of pentagonal grains is largely confined in front of the intruder, whereas disks rotate more on average and circulate around the intruder to fill the open channel behind it. Our results indicate that grain-scale rotation constraints significantly modify collective motion of grains on mesoscopic scales and correspondingly enhance resistance to penetration of a local intruder.