2022 journal article

A Wearable Electrocardiography Armband Resilient Against Artifacts

IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, 22(19), 18970–18977.

By: Y. Zhou, F. Mohaddes, C. Lee*, S. Rao, A. Mills, A. Curry n, B. Lee, V. Misra

author keywords: Biomedical monitoring; body sensor; electrocardiography (ECG); electrodes; electronic textiles (E-textiles); sensors; wearable sensor
Source: Web Of Science
Added: October 17, 2022

Electrocardiography (ECG) is an essential technique to assess cardiovascular conditions and monitor physical activities. While the concept is mature, issues surrounding sampling convenience and device adoption as well as maintaining signal quality under artifacts remain a problem. In this article, we present a high-performing wearable ECG armband on the upper left arm. It is equipped with miniaturized hardware, capable of data storage and wireless communication. We evaluate different electrode configurations by conducting ECG measurements both at the static state and under motion and using improved algorithms to quantify data quality and assess the agreement between the proposed new technique and the gold standard. The optimal electrode position is determined by balancing wearable suitability and signal quality. We propose an electronic textile (E-textile) armband with improved design. It offers favorable wearing comfort and a fashionable appearance without sacrificing data quality. Its contact pressure is measured to get a better picture of intimacy and clothing comfort. Our system provides real-time and noise-resilient ECG data without interrupting daily life and can be implemented in use cases that warrant continuous ECG monitoring.