2022 article

How can diverse national food and land-use priorities be reconciled with global sustainability targets? Lessons from the FABLE initiative

Mosnier, A., Schmidt-Traub, G., Obersteiner, M., Jones, S., Javalera-Rincon, V., DeClerck, F., … Wang, X. (2022, October 5). SUSTAINABILITY SCIENCE.

By: A. Mosnier*, G. Schmidt-Traub*, M. Obersteiner*, S. Jones*, V. Javalera-Rincon*, F. DeClerck*, M. Thomson*, F. Sperling* ...

author keywords: Food system; Land use; Sustainability; Integrated models; Trade; Climate change
Source: Web Of Science
Added: October 17, 2022

Abstract There is an urgent need for countries to transition their national food and land-use systems toward food and nutritional security, climate stability, and environmental integrity. How can countries satisfy their demands while jointly delivering the required transformative change to achieve global sustainability targets? Here, we present a collaborative approach developed with the FABLE—Food, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Land, and Energy—Consortium to reconcile both global and national elements for developing national food and land-use system pathways. This approach includes three key features: (1) global targets, (2) country-driven multi-objective pathways, and (3) multiple iterations of pathway refinement informed by both national and international impacts. This approach strengthens policy coherence and highlights where greater national and international ambition is needed to achieve global goals (e.g., the SDGs). We discuss how this could be used to support future climate and biodiversity negotiations and what further developments would be needed.