2022 journal article

CFD multiphase combustion modelling of oleic by-products pellets in a counter-current fixed bed combustor


By: M. Mami, M. Lajili & T. Echekki*

author keywords: CFD; Porous medium; Fixed bed reactor; Olive pits pellets; Multiphase combustion
Source: Web Of Science
Added: October 24, 2022

A transient two-dimensional multiphase model was built to study the combustion of pellets of oleic by-products (Olive Pits (OPi)) in a cylindrical counter-current 40 kW fixed bed combustor. The fixed bed is modelled as a porous medium, which is randomly packed with spherical particles of equal size. A κ-ε model for low Reynolds number flows was used for turbulence Modelling. Primary and secondary air injections were supplied at the bed (solid phase combustion) and at the freeboard zone (gas phase combustion), respectively. The mass loss history, the temperature distribution at different heights inside the reactor and the gas emissions of CO, CO 2 , O 2 , H 2 , CH 4 and C org were computed. Key parameters related to the reaction front velocity, the mass conversion rate and the progress of ignition were also computed. We show that computational results are in good agreement with experimental measurements obtained using a similar reactor fed with the same pellet types. These results also motivate the implementation of the present formulation and its extension to industrial scale furnaces, having established the results for the comparison with pilot-scale experiments.