2018 journal article

Foxj1 expressing ependymal cells do not contribute new cells to sites of injury or stroke in the mouse forebrain


By: N. Muthusamy n, A. Brumm*, X. Zhang n, S. Carmichael* & H. Ghashghaei n

MeSH headings : Animals; Cell Differentiation / physiology; Ependyma / metabolism; Forkhead Transcription Factors / metabolism; Mice; Neurogenesis / physiology; Neuroglia / metabolism; Neurons / metabolism; Prosencephalon / metabolism; Stem Cells / metabolism; Stroke / metabolism
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018

Abstract The stem cell source of neural and glial progenitors in the periventricular regions of the adult forebrain has remained uncertain and controversial. Using a cell specific genetic approach we rule out Foxj1+ ependymal cells as stem cells participating in neurogenesis and gliogenesis in response to acute injury or stroke in the mouse forebrain. Non stem- and progenitor-like responses of Foxj1+ ependymal cells to injury and stroke remain to be defined and investigated.