2017 conference paper

A New low cost, efficient, self-driving personal rapid transit system

2017 28th ieee intelligent vehicles symposium (iv 2017), 412–417.

By: S. Hollar*, M. Brain, A. Nayak*, A. Stevens*, N. Patil, H. Mittal, W. Smith*

co-author countries: India 🇮🇳
Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: August 6, 2018

The market demand for a low-cost transportation system that operates efficiently in a circulatory environment is significant. In this paper, we propose a solution, EcoPRT, a two person, electric, autonomous, low cost, adaptable system that solves the circulatory problem, being ideal for areas that are too far to walk but too short to drive. The key advantages of the proposed system are: narrow footprint, low weight, low cost, no delays en route, and adaptable installation. A pilot run of the vehicle is expected during the first part of 2017 on the campus of NC State University. To date an operating prototype and test track have been completed. An overview of the mechanical and electrical vehicle design is presented. Additionally, we discuss the major navigation and sensing subsystems including the development of a low-cost 3D LIDAR unit for navigation and collision avoidance. Further, three different solutions for vision-based navigation are compared qualitatively for effectiveness. In summary, a functional platform vehicle is presented on which we expect to further develop and refine an effective, low cost, automated transportation solution.