2022 journal article

Comprehensive demonstration of spin Hall Hanle effects in epitaxial Pt thin films

Physical Review B.

Source: ORCID
Added: November 23, 2022

We demonstrate a nonlinear Hall effect due to the boundary spin accumulation in Pt films grown on Al2O3 substrates. This Hall effect and the previously demonstrated Hanle magnetoresistance provide a complete picture of the spin-precession control of the spin and charge transport at the boundary of a spin-orbit coupled material, which we refer to as spin-Hall Hanle effects (SHHE). We also show that the SHHE can be employed to measure the spin diffusion length, the spin-Hall angle, and the spin relaxation time of heavy metal without the need of magnetic interface or the input from other measurements. The comprehensive demonstration of SHHE in such a simple system suggests they may be ubiquitous and needs to be considered for unravelling the spin and charge transport in more complex thin film structures of spin-orbit coupled materials.