2022 journal article

Integration of Radar Sensing into Communications with Asynchronous Transceivers


By: J. Zhang, K. Wu, X. Huang, Y. Guo, D. Zhang & R. Heath

Source: Web Of Science
Added: December 5, 2022

Clock asynchronism is a critical issue in integrating radar sensing into communication networks. It can cause ranging ambiguity and prevent coherent processing of discontinuous measurements in integration with asynchronous transceivers. Should it be resolved, sensing can be efficiently realized in communication networks, requiring few network infrastructure and hardware changes. This article provides a systematic overview of existing and potential new techniques for tackling this fundamental problem. We first review existing solutions, including using a finetuned global reference clock, and single-node-based and network-based techniques. We then examine open problems and research opportunities, offering insights into what may be better realized in each of the three solution areas.