2023 journal article

Effects of sterilization methods on gelatin methacryloyl hydrogel properties and macrophage gene expression in vitro

Biomedical Materials.

author keywords: gelatin methacryloyl; hydrogel; sterilization; macrophage phenotype; gene expression
MeSH headings : Hydrogels; Macrophages
TL;DR: It was found that the sterilization methods only marginally altered the hydrogel morphology, swelling behavior and elastic modulus, but significantly impacted macrophage gene expression within 48 h and over 7 d in vitro, suggesting that not only the sterility and hydrogels properties, such as material destruction and degradation caused by temperature and moisture, should be taken into consideration. (via Semantic Scholar)
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3. Good Health and Well-being (Web of Science; OpenAlex)
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