2022 journal article

A systems approach to a resilience assessment for agility

Systems Science & Control Engineering.

By: R. Hayes n‚ÄČ

author keywords: Analysis; artificial intelligence; energy and power systems; machine learning; systems
Source: ORCID
Added: December 17, 2022

This work proposes a theoretical approach to assessing agility in terms of a modified version of resilience during large-scale crisis to sustain operational reliability. The proposed method could be used on subsystem optimization or eventually scaled up to global interconnectedness enabling decision makers to optimize resource allocation and so obtain resilience and agility in troubling times along with long-term sustained prosperity. Introducing weights to various parameters can also allow customizing outcomes such as insuring equitable outcomes, environmental stewardship and proper response to emergencies or any national crisis. The provided mathematical formalism can then become a decision maker tool to predict corrective action outcomes from various responses to a crisis or alternatively to determine sensitivity and potential risk for a crisis from apparently ambient or slowly changing conditions. Ad-hoc examples are considered to demonstrate the generality of the approach.