2018 article

The neurological toxicity of heavy metals: A fish perspective

Green, A. J., & Planchart, A. (2018, June). COMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY C-TOXICOLOGY & PHARMACOLOGY, Vol. 208, pp. 12–19.

Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018

The causes of neurodegenerative diseases are complex with likely contributions from genetic susceptibility and environmental exposures over an organism's lifetime. In this review, we examine the role that aquatic models, especially zebrafish, have played in the elucidation of mechanisms of heavy metal toxicity and nervous system function over the last decade. Focus is applied to cadmium, lead, and mercury as significant contributors to central nervous system morbidity, and the application of numerous transgenic zebrafish expressing fluorescent reporters in specific neuronal populations or brain regions enabling high-resolution neurodevelopmental and neurotoxicology research.