2023 journal article

An Analysis of the Availability of Health Education Materials for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers

Journal of Agromedicine.

By: E. Harwell n, M. Wright*, C. LePrevost n, J. Bloss* & J. Lee*

MeSH headings : Humans; Transients and Migrants; Farmers; Seasons; Reproducibility of Results; Health Education
Source: ORCID
Added: January 18, 2023

Community health workers (CHWs) have reported a paucity of farmworker-specific education materials for use during health outreach to farmworkers. To improve our understanding of the availability of topically and culturally relevant health education materials for farmworkers, we identified 15 key health topics to examine across four major online health information services: MedlinePlus.gov, Migrant Clinicians Network, National Agricultural Safety Database, and National Center for Farmworker Health. We established inter-coder reliability and conducted coding for health education materials by topic and identified the percentage of materials specifically designed for farmworkers. The availability of materials ranged from, on the low end, accessing clinic services, having one health education material total across all four online services, to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, having 50 materials across the four online services. Online health information services ranged from 0.6% of the materials designed specifically for farmworkers (MedlinePlus.gov) to 42.9% (Migrant Clinicians Network). The findings from this study underscore the need to support community-based projects centering CHWs' roles as advocates and facilitators to develop educational materials for farmworker health outreach.