2023 journal article

A textile-reinforced composite vascular graft that modulates macrophage polarization and enhances endothelial cell migration, adhesion and proliferation in vitro

Soft Matter.

MeSH headings : Endothelial Cells; Macrophage Activation; Textiles; Hydrogels; Cell Proliferation; Macrophages; Tissue Engineering
TL;DR: The textile-reinforced hydrogel shows it potential to be a promising scaffold material to fabricate a tissue engineered vascular graft and improves the survival, adhesion and proliferation of endothelial cells in vitro. (via Semantic Scholar)
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Added: February 9, 2023

We engineered a textile-reinforced hydrogel vascular graft. The textile provides robustness while the hydrogel promotes endothelial cell attachment and growth. The composite enhanced macrophage activation, which increased endothelial cell migration.