2022 article

The double flower variant of yellowhorn is due to a LINE1 transposon-mediated insertion

Wang, H., Lu, Y., Zhang, T., Liu, Z., Cao, L., Chang, Q., … Zheng, Z. (2022, December 10). PLANT PHYSIOLOGY.

MeSH headings : Phenotype; Sapindaceae / genetics; Magnoliopsida / genetics; DNA Transposable Elements / genetics; Flowers / genetics; Gene Expression Regulation, Plant
TL;DR: This work found a candidate C-class gene, AGAMOUS1 (XsAG1), through BSA sequencing and genetics analysis with a LONG INTERSPERSED NUCLEAR ELEMENTS 1 (LINE1) transposable element fragment inserted into its second intron that caused a loss-of-C-function and therefore the double-flower phenotype in yellowhorn. (via Semantic Scholar)
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