2022 article

A Low-Cost, Open Source Wireless Body Area Network for Clinical Gait Rehabilitation


By: J. Twiddy*, K. Peterson n, G. Maddocks n, R. MacPherson, R. Pimentel*, M. Yates n, C. Armitano-Lago*, A. Kiefer* ...

author keywords: wearable; wireless body area network; inertial measurement unit; gait rehabilitation; biomechanics; vertical; ground reaction force
Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 27, 2023

Wearable inertial sensors represent an opportunity to enable gait monitoring and feedback-based rehabilitation in real-world environments. Here, we describe the development of an inexpensive I MU-based wireless body area network capable of recording 9-axis motion data from 8 sites on the body simultaneously. This system can generate data comparable to existing commercial sensor networks and can distinguish varying loading conditions observed during real-time biofeedback-based human subject testing.