2023 journal article

Dose Estimation for Extravasation of Lu-177, Tc-99m, and F-18

HEALTH PHYSICS, 124(3), 217–220.

By: I. Tsorxe n & R. Hayes n

author keywords: dose; absorbed; dosimetry; internal; Monte Carlo; radiation risk
MeSH headings : Radiation Dosage; Radiopharmaceuticals; Radioisotopes; Radiometry / methods
TL;DR: To understand whether a radiopharmaceutical extravasation could exceed the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s medical event reporting limit of 0.5 Sv dose equivalent to tissue or levels at which tissue damage would be anticipated, the GATE Monte Carlo simulation software was used to calculate self-dose to spherical volumes containing uniformly distributed amounts of common radiophARMaceutical isotopes. (via Semantic Scholar)
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Added: February 27, 2023