2022 chapter

Between- and Within-Person Approaches to Subjective Views of Aging

In Y. Palgi, A. Shira, & M. Diehl (Eds.), Subjective Views of Aging (pp. 187–207).

By: S. Neupert & J. Bellingtier

Ed(s): Y. Palgi, A. Shira & M. Diehl

Source: Crossref
Added: March 22, 2023

AbstractOur primary objective is to synthesize the current state of the field regarding between- and within-person processes in subjective views of aging and to suggest areas for future directions. We combine data from three distinct daily diary datasets to describe within-person fluctuations in subjective aging from adolescence through old age. We underscore the need to concurrently examine between- and within-person processes, especially as they interact to reveal person and environment interactions. For example, individual differences in aging attitudes interact with daily experiences of age-related change to predict daily emotional and cognitive well-being. Those who generally feel more positive about their own aging are actually more vulnerable to daily increases in loss-based age-related experiences. We draw on Bronfenbrenner’s (Am Psychol 32(7): 513–531, 1977) ecological model and synthesize it with Diehl et al.’s (Dev Rev 34(2): 93–113, 2014) model of awareness of aging to highlight the importance of continuing to investigate person and environment interactions across multiple systems of influence. We challenge the field to think and act globally as the majority of our current findings come from W.E.I.R.D. (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic) cultures.KeywordsSubjective ageWithin-person processesIndividual differencesEcological model