College and Department Directories

Data from the Citation Index is used to keep lists of publications updated on some NC State University faculty directory pages.

If you need help getting your citations updated on your own directory page, you can take advantage of our CV service to update your list of citations. We ask that you first register your ORCID iD with us. If you have questions or need other help please contact us.

If you manage a directory or website for a college, department, cluster, or center and would like to use Citation Index citations on your site, please get in touch. The Libraries maintains an API for the reuse of this data, and we can help point you to how to include publications on WordPress sites.

Directories Using Citation Index Data

Following is a list of known directories and other pages using Citation Index data as of April 27, 2019.

Note that not all people will have this feature turned on for their page. If you are in one of the following directories and do not see a list of publications from the Citation Index, please get in touch and we can help connect you with someone who can help.

If there are corrections or additions needed, please let us know.