Works (4)

2008 article

Reliable adaptive modulation and interference mitigation for mobile radio slow frequency hopping channels

Lei, M., Due-Hallen, A., & Hallen, H. (2008, March). IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, Vol. 56, pp. 352–355.

By: M. Lei, A. Due-Hallen & H. Hallen

author keywords: slow frequency hopping; channel state information; long range prediction; adaptive transmission; partial-band interference; diversity
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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1999 journal article

Relation between non-uniform hemodynamics and sites of altered permeability and lesion growth at the rabbit aorto-celiac junction

ATHEROSCLEROSIS, 143(1), 27–40.

author keywords: computational simulation; aorto-celiac junction; hemodynamic parameters; enhanced wall permeability; WBC uptake; atherosclerotic lesion growth
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1997 journal article

Computational design of a bypass graft that minimizes wall shear stress gradients in the region of the distal anastomosis


By: M. Lei, J. Archie* & C. Kleinstreuer

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1997 article

Hemodynamic simulations and computer aided designs of graft-artery junctions

Lei, M., Kleinstreuer, C., & Archie, J. P. (1997, August). JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICAL ENGINEERING-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, Vol. 119, pp. 343–348.

By: M. Lei, C. Kleinstreuer & J. Archie n

Source: Web Of Science
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