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2016 journal article

Hydrologic Impacts of Municipal Wastewater Irrigation to a Temperate Forest Watershed

Journal of Environmental Quality, 45(4), 1303–1312.

MeSH headings : Forests; Groundwater; Wastewater; Water; Water Pollutants, Chemical
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID, Crossref
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2011 journal article

Identifying ecohydrological patterns in natural forested wetlands useful to restoration design

Ecohydrology, 5(3), 368–379.

By: Y. Johnson n, T. Shear n & A. James*

author keywords: forested wetlands; wetland restoration; natural reference sites; Indicators of Hydrologic Alteration; nonriverine wet hardwood forests
Sources: Web Of Science, Crossref, ORCID
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2010 journal article

How old is streamwater? Open questions in catchment transit time conceptualization, modelling and analysis

Hydrological Processes, 24(12), 1745–1754.

By: J. McDonnell, K. McGuire, P. Aggarwal, K. Beven, D. Biondi, G. Destouni, S. Dunn, A. James ...

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2009 journal article

Antecedent moisture conditions and catchment morphology as controls on spatial patterns of runoff generation in small forest catchments

Journal of Hydrology, 377(3-4), 351–366.

author keywords: Runoff generation; Scale; Isotope hydrograph separation; Antecedent moisture conditions
Sources: Web Of Science, Crossref
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2008 journal article

A reference data set of hillslope rainfall-runoff response, Panola Mountain Research Watershed, United States

Water Resources Research, 44(6).

By: H. Meerveld, A. James, J. McDonnell & N. Peters

Source: NC State University Libraries
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