Works (2)

1997 journal article

A conditional sterol esterification defect in yeast having either a SEC1 or SEC5 mutation in the secretory pathway

Yeast, 13(5), 449–462.

By: M. Tomeo, L. Palermo, S. Tove & L. Parks

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: August 6, 2018

1997 journal article

Assessment of the essentiality of ERG genes late in ergosterol biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

CURRENT GENETICS, 32(2), 93–99.

By: L. Palermo, F. Leak, S. Tove & L. Parks

author keywords: ergosterol; ERG genes; yeast; Saccharomyces
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018