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2009 article

Compressed ion temperature gradient turbulence in diverted tokamak edge

Chang, C. S., Ku, S., Diamond, P. H., Lin, Z., Parker, S., Hahm, T. S., & Samatova, N. (2009, May). PHYSICS OF PLASMAS, Vol. 16.

By: C. Chang, S. Ku, P. Diamond, Z. Lin, S. Parker, T. Hahm, N. Samatova

author keywords: plasma boundary layers; plasma density; plasma instability; plasma simulation; plasma toroidal confinement; plasma transport processes; plasma turbulence; Tokamak devices
Source: Web Of Science
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1973 journal article

Plant growth simulation based on net carbon dioxide consumption

Transactions of the ASAE, 16(4), 724.

By: C. Chang & B. Huang

Source: NC State University Libraries
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