2003 journal article

Herbicide efficacy using a wet-blade application system

WEED TECHNOLOGY, 17(2), 320–324.

By: S. Henson, W. Skroch, J. Burton & A. Worsham

author keywords: buckhorn plantain; clopyralid; clover; dogfennel; herbicide application technology; low volume; Plantago lanceolata L.; triclopyr
Source: Web Of Science
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2001 journal article

Allelopathic cover crops to reduce herbicide use in sustainable agricultural systems

Allelopathy Journal, 8(2), 133–146.

By: G. Nagabhushana, A. Worsham & J. Yenish

Source: NC State University Libraries
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1998 journal article

Effect of manipulation of seeding rate on diboa-glucoside, diboa, and boa levels in rye

Proceedings, Southern Weed Science Society, 51(1998), 199.

By: W. Wickliffe, F. Yelverton, A. Worsham & G. Nagabhushana

Source: NC State University Libraries
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1997 journal article

Effects of clover and small grain cover crops and tillage techniques on seedling emergence of dicotyledonous weed species

American Journal of Alternative Agriculture, 12(4), 146–161.

By: U. Blum, L. King, T. Gerig, M. Lehman & A. Worsham

Sources: NC State University Libraries, ORCID
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