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1997 journal article

Etiology of apple sooty blotch disease in North Carolina

PHYTOPATHOLOGY, 87(1), 88–95.

By: E. Johnson*, T. Sutton* & C. Hodges*

Source: Web Of Science
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1996 journal article

Peltaster fructicola: A new species in the complex of fungi causing apple sooty blotch disease

MYCOLOGIA, 88(1), 114–120.

By: E. Johnson n, T. Sutton n & C. Hodges n

author keywords: conidiogenesis; Gloeodes pomigena; Malus x domestica
Source: Web Of Science
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1994 journal article

First report of Geastrumia polystigmatis on apple and common blackberry in North America

Plant Disease, 78(12), 1219.

By: E. Johnson & T. Sutton

Source: NC State University Libraries
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