Works (4)

2002 journal article

Etomoxir-induced oxidative stress in HepG2 cells detected by differential gene expression is confirmed biochemically


By: C. Merrill, H. Ni, L. Yoon, M. Tirmenstein, P. Narayanan, G. Benavides, M. Easton, D. Creech ...

author keywords: etomoxir; toxicity; oxirane-carboxylates; oxidative stress; gene expression
Source: Web Of Science
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2001 journal article

Teratoma in desert grassland whiptail lizards (Cnemidophorus uniparens)

Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 32(2), 257–259.

By: M. Tocidlowski, C. Merrill, M. Loomis & J. Wright

Source: NC State University Libraries
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1999 journal article

Osteosarcoma at the site of bone infarction associated with total hip arthroplasty in a dog


Source: Web Of Science
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1998 journal article

Axillary cystadenocarcinoma in a Moluccan cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis)

AVIAN DISEASES, 42(2), 408–412.

By: L. Powers, C. Merrill, L. Degernes, R. Miller, K. Latimer & H. Barnes

author keywords: Cacatua moluccensis; cystadenocarcinoma; humerus; Moluccan cockatoo; neoplasia; respiratory
Source: Web Of Science
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