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2010 journal article

Atomic Layer Deposition and Abrupt Wetting Transitions on Nonwoven Polypropylene and Woven Cotton Fabrics

LANGMUIR, 26(4), 2550–2558.

By: G. Hyde n, G. Scarel n, J. Spagnola n, Q. Peng n, K. Lee n, B. Gong n, K. Roberts n, K. Roth n ...

MeSH headings : Aluminum Oxide / chemistry; Cotton Fiber; Materials Testing; Particle Size; Polypropylenes / chemistry; Surface Properties; Wettability
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2010 journal article

Effect of Weave Geometry on Surface Energy Modification of Textile Materials via Atomic Layer Deposition

TEXTILE RESEARCH JOURNAL, 80(18), 1970–1981.

By: K. Roth n, K. Roberts* & G. Hyde

author keywords: atomic layer deposition; weave geometry; surface energy; nanoscale coatings; moisture resistance; textile finishing
Source: Web Of Science
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