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2005 journal article

Self-organized nanoscale Ge dots and dashes on SiGe/Si superlattices


By: L. Fitting n, M. Ware n, . Haywood n, J. Walter n & R. Nemanich n

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2004 journal article

Analysis of a nonorthogonal pattern of misfit dislocation arrays in SiGe epitaxy on high-index Si substrates

Journal of Applied Physics, 95(1), 115–122.

By: M. Ware n, R. Nemanich n, J. Gray* & R. Hull*

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2003 journal article

Wavelength-dependent Raman scattering of hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbon with red, green, and blue light excitation


By: M. Park n, V. Sakhrani n, J. Maria n, J. Cuomo n, C. Teng n, J. Muth n, M. Ware n, B. Rodriguez n, R. Nemanich n

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2001 article

Selective bond breaking in amorphous hydrogenated silicon by using Duke FEL

Gracin, D., Borjanovic, V., Vlahovic, B., Sunda-Meya, A., Patterson, T. M., Dutta, J. M., … Roedern, B. (2001, December 21). NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A-ACCELERATORS SPECTROMETERS DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT, Vol. 475, pp. 635–639.

By: D. Gracin*, V. Borjanovic*, B. Vlahovic*, A. Sunda-Meya*, T. Patterson*, J. Dutta*, S. Hauger*, I. Pinayev* ...

author keywords: a-Si : H; structure; ordering; FEL; recrystallization; raman spectroscopy
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