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2013 conference paper

Hetero(2) 3d integration: A scheme for optimizing efficiency/cost of chip multiprocessors

Proceedings of the fourteenth international symposium on quality electronic design (ISQED 2013), 1–7.

By: S. Priyadarshi n, N. Choudhary n, B. Dwiel n, A. Upreti n, E. Rotenberg n, R. Davis n, P. Franzon n

Event: International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED) at Santa Clara, CA on March 4-6, 2013

Sources: NC State University Libraries, ORCID
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2012 journal article


IEEE MICRO, 32(3), 48–59.

By: N. Choudhary n, S. Wadhavkar n, T. Shah n, H. Mayukh n, J. Gandhi n, B. Dwiel n, S. Navada n, H. Najaf-Abadi n, E. Rotenberg n

Source: Web Of Science
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2011 journal article

FabScalar: Composing synthesizable RTL designs of arbitrary cores within a canonical superscalar template

ISCA 2011: Proceedings of the 38th Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture, 11–22.

By: N. Choudhary n, S. Wadhavkar n, T. Shah*, H. Mayukh*, J. Gandhi*, B. Dwiel n, S. Navada n, H. Najaf-abadi*, E. Rotenberg n

Source: NC State University Libraries
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