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2001 journal article

Mixture effects of JP-8 additives on the dermal disposition of jet fuel components


By: R. Baynes n, J. Brooks n, K. Budsaba n, C. Smith n & J. Riviere n

author keywords: jet fuels; mixtures; skin; interactions; absorption
MeSH headings : Alkanes / pharmacokinetics; Animals; Drug Synergism; Hydrocarbons / chemistry; Hydrocarbons / pharmacokinetics; In Vitro Techniques; Kerosene; Naphthalenes / pharmacokinetics; Perfusion; Skin / drug effects; Skin / metabolism; Skin Absorption; Swine; Tissue Distribution
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2001 journal article

Use of methyl salicylate as a simulant to predict the percutaneous absorption of sulfur mustard


By: J. Riviere n, C. Smith n, K. Budsaba n, J. Brooks n, E. Olajos*, H. Salem*, N. Monteiro-Riviere n

MeSH headings : Administration, Cutaneous; Adsorption; Animals; Area Under Curve; Carbon Radioisotopes; Culture Techniques; Dermatologic Agents / pharmacokinetics; Fixatives; Models, Biological; Mustard Gas / pharmacokinetics; Salicylates / pharmacokinetics; Skin / drug effects; Skin / pathology; Swine
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2000 journal article

Compass plots: A combination of star plot and analysis of means to visualize significant interactions in complex toxicology studies

TOXICOLOGY METHODS, 10(4), 313–332.

By: K. Budsaba n, C. Smith n & J. Riviere n

author keywords: analysis of means; Bonferroni method; chemical mixtures; 2(p) factorial experiments; Kimball inequality; parathion; star plot; Yates algorithm
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1999 journal article

Dermal Absorption and Distribution of Topically Dosed Jet Fuels Jet-A, JP-8, and JP-8(100)

Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 160(1), 60–75.

By: J. Riviere n, J. Brooks n, N. Monteiro-Riviere n, K. Budsaba n & C. Smith n

author keywords: jet fuel; naphthalene; dodecane; hexadecane; percutaneous/dermal absorption; skin
MeSH headings : Administration, Topical; Aircraft; Alkanes / pharmacokinetics; Animals; Fuel Oils; Naphthalenes / pharmacokinetics; Perfusion; Skin / metabolism; Skin Absorption; Swine
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID, Crossref
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