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2013 journal article

Development and validation of a breeder-friendly KASPar marker for wheat leaf rust resistance locus Lr21

MOLECULAR BREEDING, 31(1), 233–237.

By: K. Neelam, G. Brown-Guedira & L. Huang*

author keywords: Leaf rust; KASPar assay; SNP genotyping; Puccinia triticina Eriks
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2012 journal article

Evaluation and Identification of Wheat-Aegilops Addition Lines Controlling High Grain Iron and Zinc Concentration and Mugineic Acid Production


By: K. Neelam, N. Rawat*, V. Tiwari*, R. Prasad*, S. Tripathi*, G. Randhawa*, H. Dhaliwal*

author keywords: grain iron; grain zinc; mugineic acid; addition lines; wheat
Source: Web Of Science
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2011 journal article

Development and molecular characterization of wheat - Aegilops kotschyi addition and substitution lines with high grain protein, iron, and zinc

GENOME, 54(11), 943–953.

By: N. Rawat*, K. Neelam, V. Tiwari*, G. Randhawa*, B. Friebe*, B. Gill*, H. Dhaliwal*

author keywords: wheat; Aegilops kotschyi; grain iron; grain zinc; grain protein; microsatellite markers; HMW-glutenin subunits; genomic in situ hybridization
Source: Web Of Science
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