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2017 journal article

Generation of LIF-independent induced pluripotent stem cells from canine fetal fibroblasts

Theriogenology, 92, 75–82.

By: N. Gonçalves*, F. Bressan*, K. Roballo*, F. Meirelles*, P. Xavier*, H. Fukumasu*, C. Williams n, M. Breen ...

author keywords: iPSC; Canine; Stem cells; Pluripotency; Cellular reprogramming
Sources: Web Of Science, Crossref
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2016 journal article

Effect of Plant Species, Fertilizer Acidity/Basicity, and Fertilizer Concentration on pH of Soilless Root Substrate

HORTSCIENCE, 51(12), 1596–1601.

By: K. Jeong*, P. Nelson, C. Niedziela* & D. Dickey n

author keywords: alkalinity; electrical conductivity; root media
Source: Web Of Science
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2012 journal article

B-mode and Doppler ultrasonography in pony mares with experimentally induced ascending placentitis


By: C. Bailey, J. Heitzman, C. Buchanan n, C. Bare, R. Sper, L. Borst, M. Macpherson*, K. Archibald, M. Whitacre

author keywords: horse; placentitis; Doppler; ultrasound; diagnosis; CTUP
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2012 journal article

Successful reduction of a monozygotic equine twin pregnancy via transabdominal ultrasound-guided cardiac puncture


By: R. Sper, M. Whitacre, C. Bailey, A. Schramme n, D. Orellana n, C. Ast n, J. Vasgaard

author keywords: horse; twin; pregnancy; monozygotic; reduction
Source: Web Of Science
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2012 journal article

Uterine artery blood flow remains unchanged in pregnant mares in response to short-term administration of pentoxifylline

THERIOGENOLOGY, 77(2), 430–436.

By: C. Bailey, R. Sper, J. Schewmaker n, C. Buchanan n, T. Beachler, M. Pozor*, M. Whitacre

author keywords: Uterine blood flow; Equine pregnancy; Placentitis; Pentoxifylline; Color Doppler ultrasound; Horse
Source: Web Of Science
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