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2002 journal article

Performance of parameter-estimates in step-stress accelerated life-tests with various sample-sizes

IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 51(3), 271–277.

By: E. McSorley, J. Lu & C. Li

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2000 journal article

Parameter estimation for bivariate shock models with singular distribution for censored data with concomitant order statistics


By: D. Chen*, C. Li, J. Lu* & J. Park n

author keywords: asymptotics; bivariate exponential; censored data; reliability
Source: Web Of Science
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1999 journal article

Multivariate zero-inflated Poisson models and their applications

TECHNOMETRICS, 41(1), 29–38.

By: C. Li, J. Lu & J. Park

author keywords: maximum likelihood; mixture distribution; multivariate bernoulli; multivariate Poisson; quality control; zero-defect probability
Source: Web Of Science
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1998 journal article

Asymptotic properties of maximum likelihood estimates for a bivariate exponential distribution and mixed censored data

METRIKA, 48(2), 109–125.

author keywords: asymptotic theory; Marshall-Olkin distribution; concomitants of order statistics; life-testing; maximum likelihood estimation
Source: Web Of Science
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