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2002 journal article

Efficacy of monoclonal antibodies against defined antigens for passive immunotherapy of chronic gastrointestinal cryptosporidiosis


By: M. Riggs*, D. Schaefer*, S. Kapil, L. Barley-Maloney n & L. Perryman

Source: Web Of Science
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2001 journal article

Targeted disruption of CSL ligand-host cell receptor interaction in treatment of Cryptosporidium parvum infection

Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, (2001), 44Sā€“46.

By: M. Riggs, D. Schaefer, S. Kapil, L. Barley-Maloney, L. Perryman & M. McNeil

Source: NC State University Libraries
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1999 journal article

Protection of calves against cryptosporidiosis with immune bovine colostrum induced by a Cryptosporidium parvum recombinant protein

VACCINE, 17(17), 2142ā€“2149.

By: L. Perryman, S. Kapil, M. Jones n & E. Hunt

author keywords: cryptosporidiosis; Cryptosporidium parvum; recombinant protein; colostrum; protection
Source: Web Of Science
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