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2011 journal article

Lack of preventing effect of systemically and topically administered histamine H-1 or H-4 receptor antagonists in a dog model of acute atopic dermatitis


By: W. Baeumer, J. Stahl*, K. Sander*, L. Petersen*, J. Paps, H. Stark*, M. Kietzmann*, T. Olivry

author keywords: canine atopic dermatitis; histamine H4 receptor; microdialysis; JNJ28307474; JNJ7777120
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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1997 journal article

Nowcasting convective activity for space shuttle landings during easterly flow regimes

Weather and Forecasting, 12(1), 78–107.

By: W. Bauman, M. Kaplan & S. Businger

Source: NC State University Libraries
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