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2005 article

Heterogeneous polymerization of fluoroolefins in supercritical carbon dioxide

POLYMER PARTICLES, Vol. 175, pp. 329–346.

By: K. Kennedy n, G. Roberts n & J. DeSimone n

author keywords: supercritical carbon dioxide; fluoropolymers; tetrafluoroethylene; vinylidene fluoride
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2002 article

Continuous precipitation polymerization of vinylidene fluoride in supercritical carbon dioxide: Molecular weight distribution

Saraf, M. K., Wojcinski, L. M., Kennedy, K. A., Gerard, S., Charpentier, P. A., DeSimone, J., & Roberts, G. W. (2002, June). MACROMOLECULAR SYMPOSIA, Vol. 182, pp. 119–129.

By: M. Saraf n, L. Wojcinski n, K. Kennedy n, S. Gerard n, P. Charpentier n, J. DeSimone n, G. Roberts n

Source: Web Of Science
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1988 journal article

Validity of the Filarochek test for detection of Dirofilaria immitis infections in dogs

Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, 24, 327–333.

By: J. Levine, D. Fox, K. Snowden, R. Greene, K. Kennedy & K. Childress

Source: NC State University Libraries
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