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2004 journal article

Homoepitaxial growth of (0001)- and (000(1)over-bar)-oriented ZnO thin films via metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy and their characterization

JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH, 265(3-4), 390–398.

By: T. Smith, H. McLean, D. Smith* & R. Davis

author keywords: crystal morphology; dislocations; stacking faults; X-ray diffraction; organometallic vapor phase deposition; ZnO
Source: Web Of Science
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2002 journal article

Application of Nomarski interference contrast microscopy as a thickness monitor in the preparation of transparent, SiG-based, cross-sectional TEM samples

ULTRAMICROSCOPY, 92(3-4), 265–271.

By: E. Preble, H. McLean, S. Kiesel n, P. Miraglia, M. Albrecht* & R. Davis

author keywords: Nomarski; transmission electron microscopy; silicon carbide; transparent samples
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018