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2019 journal article

Coastal Flooding and Inundation and Inland Flooding due to Downstream Blocking


By: L. Pietrafesa, H. Zhang, S. Bao, P. Gayes* & J. Hallstrom*

author keywords: downstream blocking; compound flooding; coastal storm surge and inundation; explosive lateral flooding; hurricane inland and upland flooding
Source: Web Of Science
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2006 journal article

Fast MIMO transmit antenna selection algorithms: A geometric approach


By: H. Zhang & H. Dai

author keywords: MIMO; antenna selection; fading correlation
Source: Web Of Science
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2006 article

On the diversity order of spatial multiplexing systems with transmit antenna selection: A geometrical approach

Zhang, H., Dai, H., Zhou, Q., & Hughes, B. L. (2006, December). IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY, Vol. 52, pp. 5297–5311.

By: H. Zhang, H. Dai, Q. Zhou & B. Hughes

author keywords: antenna selection; diversity order; diversity and multiplexing tradeoff; multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO); spatial multiplexing
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2006 conference paper

On the diversity-multiplexing Tradeoff for ordered SIC receivers over MIMO channels

2006 ieee international conference on communications, vols 1-12, 1368–1373.

By: H. Zhang, H. Dai & B. Hughes

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2002 journal article

Direct formation of self-assembled nanoporous aluminium oxide on SiO2 and Si substrates

NANOTECHNOLOGY, 13(5), 627–630.

By: A. Cai, H. Zhang, H. Hua & Z. Zhang

Source: Web Of Science
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