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2004 article

Hypoglycemia-induced changes in cell death and cell proliferation in the organogenesis-stage embryonic mouse heart (Retracted article. See vol 76, pg 278, 2006)

Ghatnekar, G. S., Barnes, J. A., Dow, J. L., & Smoak, I. W. (2004, March). BIRTH DEFECTS RESEARCH PART A-CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR TERATOLOGY, Vol. 70, pp. 121–131.

By: G. Ghatnekar, J. Barnes, J. Dow & I. Smoak

author keywords: embryonic heart; hypoglycemia; apoptosis; cell proliferation; flow cytometry; caspase-3; p53; PCNA
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2002 journal article

C-13-NMR study of hypoglycemia-induced glycolytic changes in embryonic mouse heart

TERATOLOGY, 66(5), 267–272.

By: G. Ghatnekar, H. Gracz & I. Smoak

Source: Web Of Science
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