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2007 journal article

Peptide binding proclivities of calcium loaded calbindin-D28k

FEBS LETTERS, 581(24), 4778–4782.

By: D. Kordys, B. Bobay, R. Thompson, R. Venters* & J. Cavanagh

author keywords: calbindin-D28k; NMR; chemical shift; peptides; modeling
Source: Web Of Science
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2006 journal article

Structure, binding interface and hydrophobic transitions of Ca2+-loaded calbindin-D-28K

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 13(7), 641–647.

By: D. Kojetin, R. Venters, D. Kordys, R. Thompson, R. Kumar & J. Cavanagh

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2003 journal article

The effects of Ca2+ binding on the conformation of calbindin D-28K: A nuclear magnetic resonance and microelectrospray mass spectrometry study


By: R. Venters, L. Benson, T. Craig, K. Paul, D. Kordys, R. Thompson, S. Naylor, R. Kumar, J. Cavanagh

author keywords: calbindin D-28K; EF-hand; conformational response to calcium binding
Source: Web Of Science
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