Works (3)

2006 journal article

Single and multiple deletions in the transmembrane domain of the Sindbis virus E2 glycoprotein identify a region critical for normal virus growth

VIROLOGY, 347(1), 199–207.

By: C. Whitehurst, J. Willis n, C. Sinodis, R. Hernandez & D. Brown

author keywords: Sindis virus; E2 glycoprotein; transmembrane domain; virus assembly; compensatory mutations
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018

2005 journal article

Single amino acid insertions at the junction of the Sindbis virus e2 transmembrane domain and endodomain disrupt virus envelopment and alter infectivity

Journal of Virology, 79(12), 7682–7697.

By: R. Hernandez, D. Ferreira, C. Sinodis, K. Litton & D. Brown

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2003 journal article

Deletions in the transmembrane domain of a Sindbis virus glycoprotein alter virus infectivity, stability, and host range

JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, 77(23), 12710–12719.

Source: Web Of Science
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